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Análisis científico de violencia contra la mujer en diez países europeos

4 de Marzo de 2019
El desarrollo de políticas de violencia contra la mujer,no afecta al número de uxoricidios(científicamente hablando)

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Intimate partner homicide in 10 European countries: Statistical data and policy development in a cross-national perspective
Consuelo Corradi, Heidi Stöckl First Published August 21, 2014 Research Article
Article information
Homicide is an important source of premature mortality, with intimate partners committing approximately one in seven homicides. Utilizing national statistics, this article explores recent data on intimate partner homicide in 10 European countries, namely Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK. It discusses policy developments and the role of key policy-making actors and it provides a novel classification, based on the time when government action developed, that maps the 10 countries in a temporal sequence under three main headings: early birds, intermediate and newcomers. Notwithstanding great differences, the article finds common trends in policy developments. Institutional commitment in collecting intimate partner homicide data is consistent with an enduring record of both women’s activism and public action in addressing intimate partner violence.


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